Well I remember being from Buffalo, um, growing up all the best hockey was from Canada and Toronto. Weekend upon weekend I’d go up there about an hour and a half - two hour drive. My parents and my three sisters would go up there for Friday, Saturday, Sunday and that’s pretty much how I spent my weekends as a child growing up. Lots of sacrifices were made for me to get where I am. 

#tbt: eric staal lifts the stanley cup after the carolina hurricanes defeat the edmonton oilers in game 7 on june 19, 2006. 

this was the first major league championship for the state of north carolina by a men’s team. as of 2014, it is the only championship by a current north carolina team in any of the 4 major league sports.

@43kadri: Straight flexin on that bird [x]

"what would you call henrik lundqvist in a nice leather jacket?" "henrik leatherqvist

hockey meme: 7/10 players - andrew shaw



Patrick Kane tending bar during the Keith Relief concert (via achwastek)



Jonathan toews hits Jimmy Hayes with his loose sleeve

video credit: pk-rj

Ladies and Gentlemen, the Captain of the Chicago Blackhawks.

Scars are a history of a life. Of a game. Of a place. A scar is a reminder of where you’ve been, and where you’re going. Scars are maps of battles past. Evidence of sacrifice. Badges of selflessness. Scars may fade or be smoothed out, but the story behind them is permanent.